Reliance Finance Limited, a “C” class financial institution, incorporated in the year 2066 B.S and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank to undertake financial services, has established itself as one of the leading finance company of Nepal. 

Promoted by a team of business personalities with a strong track record in diverse lines of business and led by a team of highly professional and seasoned individuals from the banking and financial sector, Reliance Finance has undoubtedly established itself as a trusted financial partner. The trust and confidence of our valued customer over the past decade has set the pace for scaling new heights in the financial sector.  Led by the vision of the board members and inspired by the trust of our customers, Reliance Finance has been providing a wide range of financial services through its 21 branches all across the nation. 

The entire Reliance Family is guided by the mission of “Experience the redefinition of Service” in course of its operations which is why the company has gained the trust and unwavering confidence of its valued customers.  Besides focusing on creating value for the shareholders, Reliance Finance Ltd. has always strived to be a good social citizen and build strong partnerships with the community where it operates. 

Reliance Finance has been committed to the following core values for long term success and competitiveness since the days of inception- 

- Customer Focus 
- Service Excellence 
- Prudent Banking and Sustainable Business Growth 
- Focus on human capital 
- Strong Risk Management Culture 
- Corporate Governance 


  • To provide fast, reliable, and promising services to customers by introducing the best financial products and services
  • To cater to the rapidly changing aspirations and needs of customers by providing customized products and services.
  • To adopt cost-effective and customer-friendly technology thereby gaining a competitive edge in the financial sector
  • To implement best HR practices thereby ensuring the competitiveness, motivation, and retention of the employees 
  • To actively participate in corporate social programs through all our service delivery channels 
  • To implement effective business models and carry out business process engineering for minimizing the turnaround time 

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