Reliance Finance Ltd. has always remained committed towards providing value added services to our stakeholders especially our valued customers. As part of this strategy, we have tied up with various hospitals, medical clinics and different institutions which we believe shall be vital for enhancing customer satisfaction and service excellence. 

Currently we have tieup with the following institutions -

Name of the Institution


Details of Discount


1. Everest Hospital Pvt.Ltd

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

1.All facilities of the hospital except OPD




2. Nepal, National Hospital

Kalanki, Kathmandu

1.Normal general ward


2.cubical general ward 


3.Isolation- ICU ward


4.Semi- Deluxe (402/RARA)


5.Semi- Deluxe (404/Bagmati)


6.Cabin- Private room (412)(3-beded)


7.Cabin- Private room (403, 405, 406, 407, 411)


8.Semi Deluxe (408/ karnali)


9.Post OP 




11.OT charges




13.USG, ECHO, Endoscopy


14.PFT, E.C.G




3. Himal Dental Hospital


1.Discount on all health facilities for staffs, shareholders& debit card holders


4. Drishti Eye Care centre Pvt. Ltd

Kalanki-13 kathmandu

1.OPD for RFL staffs 


2.OPD for RFL customers


3.Operation charge only


4.Operation/ Surgery






7.Optical Product (frame+ lenses& contact lenses)


5. OM Hospital

Chabahil, Kathmandu

1.Discount on all facilities


6. Chirayu National Hospital& Medical Institute

Basundhara, Kathmandu

For board members/ staff/Promoters


1. Bed charges


2. Diagnostic charge (in house)


3. Pharmacy charge


4.Health Packages


5. Ambulance Service


For Account holders/card holders/mobile banking users banking users


1. Bed charges 


2. Diagnostic charge(in house)


3. Pharmacy charge


4. Health package


5. Ambulance Service


7. Helping Hands Community Hospital

Chabahil, kathmandu

1. O.P.D. general


2. General bed


3.Deluxe cabin


4. super deluxe cabin


5. Pathology Lab/ X-ray


6. Video X-ray (ultrasound)


7. Echocardiography 


8. Operation Theatre charge


9. Prasuti sewa


10. Pharmacy


8. PuspanjaliHospital& CMC

Bharatpur, Chitwan

1. Discount on all facilities


2. Pharmacy


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